best dating site singles over 50 Government fees (in Italian they are called registration fees)

singles over fifties holidays Purchase and sale between private parties (seller – an individual and the buyer - an individual of the Russian nationality).

2% + 100 euro - apartment - primary housing for residents
9% + 100 euro - apartment - for non-residents
18% - a farm land;

Purchase and sale between a company (seller) and an individual: this case provides for payment of VAT and government fees (registration fees), referred to in the preceding paragraph. The buyer is an individual.
4% VAT + 600 Euros (registration fee) for primary housing;
10% VAT + 600 Euros of the registration fee for office and commercial premises;
22% VAT + 600 Euros (registration fee) for non-residents

If the buyer is a company, even in the possession of another company, or an individual of the Russian nationality, VAT is not included. VAT will be refunded (VAT deduction) by clearing operations in the balance sheet.

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